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The most significant contributor to consistent, successful high performance is the ‘people side’ of your business. Unless you get it right, you’re missing out on a massive competitive advantage.

Headed by Bo Hanson, 3 x Olympic Medalist and International Business Consultant, Team8 Assessments works with top organizations across the globe, helping them to achieve exceptional performance and overall success in business and in life!

Bo has also worked personally with more than 40,000 professionals.

“At Team8, we work with organizations that want their teams to perform to a higher standard, and their leaders to inspire greatness and commitment in their people,” Bo said.

For the past 20 years Team8 Assessments has been working with leading organizations, creating measurable behavioral changes that result in improved organizational performances. Team8 Assessments provides the most comprehensive Behavioral Assessment tools, in the Team8 DISC and TeacherDISC Profiles. When this profiling tool is combined with the appropriate training program, your organization will see measurable behavioral improvements in performance.

At Team8, we are passionate about the development of professionals and educators and tailor our packages to suit the unique needs of our clients.

Our services include…

  • DISC Profiling

  • Corporate Training

  • Conference and Keynote Speaking

  • Leadership Development

  • Executive Coaching

  • Professional Development

Leadership underpins every great success story and leaves a gaping hole when it’s lacking.

Team8 Assessments’ DISC Profiles

Team8 Assessments’ DISC Profiles are specifically tailored for use. Each assessment includes a 12-minute online survey and results in a personalized DISC Profile Report (with summaries for easy use). It details the individual’s personal style, strengths, limiting behaviors, communication preferences and the environment they perform best in.

Team8 DISC Profile Report

TeacherDISC Profile

What do our clients say?

Your presentation on resilience, and how you were able to relate your experiences as an elite athlete to what frontline clinicians experience within the healthcare industry, was fantastic. You created energy in the room and connected very well with the audience as you delivered many thought provoking and challenging concepts.

Kirstine Sketcher-Baker, Queensland Health

The Team8 program places participants safely outside their comfort zone in a managed environment and provides them many insights about themselves, leadership and their teams. What managers learn about team interdependencies while “coaching from every seat” and preparing for performance will make them better leaders.

Professor Robert Wood, Australian Graduate School of Management

We had a fabulous day and all staff in their feedback have been overwhelmingly positive about the experience. It has certainly assisted us in developing our ‘team’ building and care for each other in the workplace and has led to a great deal of conversation and deepening care for each other’s individual differences.

Kate Chauncy, Winifred West Schools

Apart from enjoying an activity we had not done before, we all gained considerable information about ourselves from our experience with Team8 that we are continuing to building on in both our personal and work lives.

Jason Krueger, Neo Building Design

The day drew tangible parallels between sport and business and highlighted that no matter how skillful someone may be individually, if they don’t work in collaboration with the rest of the team then their effort is not particularly useful.

John Eales, Dual World Cup Winner (as Wallabies Captain) & Business Leader

We used this version of DISC as it is completely online and provided a very comprehensive report for each participant. The participants on the program gained a lot of value from the 360 capability of the Team8 DISC and learnt about how others view them in their various leadership roles.

Lisa M O’Brien

Team8 Assessments is trusted by some of the BIG names in Business.

Getting an edge in the critical area of the people side is easier and more affordable than you’d think. 

We welcome you to find out more by contacting us!

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